what Daft Punk can teach church leaders

Daft PunkDaft Punk is an electronic music duo from France that rarely performs on TV. Even Stephen Colbert couldn’t get them to perform on his show. So I was looking forward to see what Daft Punk was going to do at the Grammy’s.

It was amazing! One of the best performances of the night. Everyone was standing and dancing and having a good time.

But something struck me during their performance.

They were not the center of attention. In fact they shy away from the center of attention. Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, Nathan East and Omar Hakim were on the stage. Most of the performance was pure old school magic with Stevie Wonder taking solos, switching keyboards, and firing up the crowd. Daft Punk for the most part were backing musicians. They were hidden behind screens for half the performance and received far less camera time than those on the stage. Everybody knew it was a Daft Punk performance, but they were not in the main attraction.

I picked up on three things that Daft Punk can teach church leaders:

  1. Collaboration is key. Daft Punk brings in people to collaborate with. They are producers who parterner with other producers, musicians, singers, and artists. Just one look at their newest album offers a who’s who list of people they collaborated with. Who can you collaborate with to make the church better? What are some areas you are weak in that others can navigate more successfully?
  2. Promote others not yourself. I am introverted, but my guess is Daft Punk is extremely introverted. They succeed in an extroverted business by promoting others. This feeds back to more and more folks wanting to collaborate with them. It serves to diversify the stage experience and shines the light on others who may have been forgotten. Are we in the church promoting ourselves as leaders or are we helping people discover their life in Christ? Who do you need to promote in your church? What are some ways you can be a better cheerleader instead of a figurehead?
  3. Mystery is important. On the rare occasions that Daft Punk is seen in public they are never seen without their robot helmets and wardrobe which protects their identity. It also contains a sense of mystery. Who are these people and what are they like in real life? I believe once the church started trying to explain away all the mysteries we lost something. In order to seem seeker sensitive we became ordinary and normal. Daft Punk shows that it is okay not to be ordinary and normal. We can be mysterious and people will still seek out the church. What is the value of mystery and wonder in the church? What are some things in your church that need to reclaim their sense of mystery and wonder?

One thought on “what Daft Punk can teach church leaders

  1. I don’t know who “Daft Punk” is, though I have heard the name, but your article reminds that they have much to remind us about the One who had Authority yet who asked questions to the extent – that as we hear Him in scripture – we wonder why He doesn’t speak more directly. Too many of us speak too much while having little to say!

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