during that time #LukeActs2014


They were furious and began talking with each other about what to do to Jesus. During that time, Jesus went out to the mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night long. (Luke 6:11, 12 CEB)

While I was reading Luke 6 this brief tidbit about the Pharisees jumped out at me. Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath and they begin to talk with each other about what to do with him. Maybe a better way to put it is how The Message translation had it, “they started plotting how to get even with him.”

Then I noticed the contrast with verse 11. While the Pharisees plot, Jesus prays. One group stays up all night scheming while the other stays up all night praying. Both of these people are followers of G-d, but they much different ways of showing it.

One seems to think power is something to be controlled so when someone displays power by healing on the Sabbath they plot to get rid of him.

The other thinks that power belongs to G-d so after displaying power he prays to G-d the source of all true power.

In the UMC there can be a lot of talking around this time of year. Murmuring or plotting may be the better word. We can sometimes talk too much about appointments and who we think should go where instead of focusing on what Jesus is doing where we are. I think our infatuation with power can sometimes overshadow our true calling. Our true calling is not to a life of plotting but to a life of prayer. Let us leave behind the plotting life and engage in the prayer life. It’s a much better way to live.

So I would encourage you to be in prayer for our leaders, our colleagues, our friends, our communities, and our congregations.

I know during this time there are a lot of folks that need our prayers.

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